Monday, 9 May 2011

Madefuns Jin Roh costume now on Ebay

Just saw this item (the one I covered in an earlier post from on Ebay. Its the same costume but now it seems that the costume is on offer for international buyers. Its pretty pricey though at almost $2,000 US dollars, and the seller (apparrently its the actual maker Madefuns) is new, so don't jump on this straight away, the seller is new and has zero feedback so give them a chance to build up a reputation before dropping 20 big ones on it.
just a heads up!



  1. Yeah I agree with Jaz. I've seen the actual blog of this costume and its very poorly made. the Mask is actually some 3M Gas mask attach. For that $2K Price I personally can build a set much superior and I am also in China!

  2. im eagerly awaiting progress on yours! im part way through the kai helmet shield, so i will post progress when its neatened. its only had about 6 hours work so its really rough right now.


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