Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hot Toys to finally make a Kerberos Saga figure! and it is the Panzer Jager!!!!!!

Say hello to the first teaser images of the Panzer Jager 1:6 figure by Hot Toys! This figure was originally to be made by Platz Hobby (as I posted here in 2011) but that was cancelled and now the 1:6 behemoth that is Hot Toys are are making the figure jointly as part of their artist figure series in conjunction with Takeyuki Takeya, J.C. Hong and Mamoru Oshii !!!! I loved HT's previous Takeya collaboration (Samurai Predator) so I'm pumped!! Expect this to be a more refined figure than what Platz was going to release, with better detail, paint, articulation and materials used and of course being HT, expect a very high price point (ouch timez for mah wallet!). The below images (posted on the Facebook onesixthrepublic page by William Lau) are from Hobby Japan magazine and look to me to be the Platz hobby prototypes, but the HT figure is likely going to based off this work and will definitely use the same sculpting so expect the look to be about the same.
So what do you think? Is it good HT is stepping into Kerberos territory? will this be a one off or the start of a series??????????? hmmmmmmmmmm...........

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