Sunday, 3 October 2010

new banner image!

i decided that with my return to uk, and haloween approaching that i should set a new image and fell for the blog ready for the imminent new posts and reviews.
so, heres the new pic! in case you are wondering, the photo is of yours truly, and put through a filter to look like a painting. i think it looks nice!

i will put together a gallery of previous banners at some point, so dont worry if a previous image you liked gets replaced, they will be posted again each time they get replaced.

updates and reviews are coming! please hang in there, im a little busy these days, but i will not leave this blog to rot, i will complete the reviews and listings of all known kerberos collectables and report kerberos saga news as it comes. dont let that deter you from sending reminders though, i welcome feedback and any prompts to finnish posting, because lets face it, we all a boot up the ars* every now and then to get back to doing what we are supposed to (im looking you, half sculpted helmet reinforcement armour plate!)

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