Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Links to pre-order/buy the Platz/DML Panzer Cop!

First theres Yahoo Japan Auctions for 11,480 yen link
Cotswold has it for $82.99 link
Platz selling for 13,440 yen link
Frodo's Collectables for $87 link
Ebay seller Mugimimi is charging $99.99 link
Forbidden Planet has it for £84.99 link
Gator has it for €85.00 link
Gung-Ho Toys has pre-order price $74.99 link has it for 10,455 yen link
The Falcon's Hangar has it for $110 SGD link has it for 13,440 link has listed it for $79.95 link listed it for $84.95 link

Obviously this list is not even nearly exhaustive, so do search for the best deals (and be sure to see if your local dealer can cut you a deal).

Contact me if you need any help locating the figure.


  1. Thank you for all the updates. It certainly is helpful. I got a number of Keberos collection too but not all. Have a nice day! :D

  2. thanks for the comment! glad it is helpful! i will update with more reviews and news soon, just need to get my university assignments out of the way.
    stay tuned and thanks for reading!

    p.s., do share your collection photos, im keen to see!!


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