Wednesday, 3 November 2010

In hand comparrison pics of new Platz/DML Panzer Cop

Hi! in light of the recent lack of new posts due to lack of time (trip to China, university assignment work, wedding, honeymoon Halloween etc etc) I thought I should take the opportunity to post up some pictures from member MIFUNE who scored the new Panzer Cop the other week and posted a brief list of the changes made to the new release and some comparison photos.
The changes he mentions of note are:
1: mask is more flexible than the previous release
2: the breathing tube seems to be longer
3: there is now a clip to attach the tube to the backpack
4: the new body holds poses MUCH better
5: the strap pieces are stiffer
6: the chest plate is made of stiffer, harder material
7: the new helmet liner is nice, but the helmet fits better without it
8: the helmet is new
9: the belt/harness is made with new material that is better quality

Now, here's the comparison shots he posted!

Comparison of the new body's ability to hold a pose. Old version on left, new version on the right.

Comparison of mask fit, old version on the left, new version on the right

Mine arrived the other day, so I will follow up with full review. A certain other item also arrived at the same time, and I will be posting a review of that as well so stay tuned!

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