Thursday, 4 November 2010

Kerberos Panzer Cops: Tokyo War

This is the ultimate book for Kerberos fans. It's got everything: complete revised history, detailed images and info on all the armour, weapons, vehicles and equipment used by the Kerberos, national police, military and others plus a comic strip.
The detail this 'mook' goes into is amazing (right down to formations, rank systems and even how to breach a building - or sewer), combined with the various drawings, paintings and photographs make this vital for any collection. Consider it the Bible of the Kerberos Saga.
You Shouldn't have much trouble finding this 'mook' published by Gakken. Japanese online comic and book stores should still have stock as this is a recent release, so just browse for a deal. I paid a few pounds for mine, so you shouldn't pay over 20 for this unless by the time you read this there are practically none left and the secondary market has gone crazy. stranger things have happened.

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