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Platz/DML figure review: Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cop (Wonderfestival signed edition)

So, the other week my Platz hobby/ Dragon Models Ltd 1/6 Stray Dog figure (Wonderfestival exclusive signed edition limited to 100) arrived from Japan (thanks Hobby Collective/ Platz Hobby!) after I almost gave up looking for one, as Yahoo Japan no longer had any (the 2 on there long sold before I had the cash) but thankfully when I got in touch with Platz they still had one which is now mine! phew!

This is the pre-release version from Wonderfestival (the standard release came out a couple of months later) and is limited to 100 pieces. Each is signed by the actor Yoshikazu Fujiki who played the lead character Inui in the movie Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops (Jigoku No Banken: Kerubersu) alongside Shigeru Chiba, Takashi Matsuyama and Eaching Sue.

At first glance, this is just a packaging variant with identical figure and a plain white box (same dimensions and double opening panels as both 2002 and 2010 releases) with a small sticker stating what's inside. That is mostly true, with this figure being a pre-release it is essentially a production prototype in unfinished packaging. Obviously at the point this was sold the final box art for the main release was not done, but that's OK as the white box leaves space'a'plenty for the actor's signature.

Now, what's really interesting is that the figure, being essentially a prototype, is not identical to the wide release Panzer Cop, but rather an evolutionary step toward it from the older 2002 release. The main elements of the new version are there: new head sculpt, new base body, new hard plastic chest armour, helmet liner, new soft plastic mask with transparent lenses, new clip in oxygen hose and new material belt, but it also has some of the versions features: soft rubber shin armour (which deform over boots, refer to picture), old version helmet (with small space between the side rivets and rear rivet positioned low) and the not so quite well clipping ammo feed part on the MG42. In addition to the mixture of new and old version parts, there are a couple other very minor differences: the oxygen hose is actually softer than the wide release (which is good) and the holster is tacky to touch (which is bad).

So, basically this figure represents the missing link between the 2002 Panzer Cop and the 2010 Panzer Cop! as such, it isn't as good as the wide release on sale now, and is not sufficient enough an upgrade from the 2002 release to warrant tracking down. So its basically stuck in strange position: completely un-necessary, but due to rarity is sought after. If you are not a completist, this is an easy pass (the standard wide release is superior) so don't worry about a gap in your collection, just consider it a prototype. If you don't own it you can still say you have a complete collection and no one will disagree.

Left: wonder festival signed edition, right: wide (normal) release.

Left: wonder festival signed edition, right: wide (normal) release.

Left: wonder festival signed edition, right: wide (normal) release.

Left: wonder festival signed edition, right: wide (normal) release.

If you are a crazy completist, then good luck tracking it down! You are gonna need it! You could try contacting Platz, see if they by chance have another sitting in their office, or you can search Yahoo Japan Auctions every day till one shows up. The other option might be Mandarake, but don't get your hopes up. If you do find one, I don't have a price guide for what you can expect to pay, as really it depends on how much you want it and whether you have the funds or not. The last one I saw on auction was somewhere around 20,000 yen if I recall correctly, and the original RRP was 13,440 yen iirc, so try not to go over 20,000 if you think you can help it is my advice.

Group shot, from left: Medicom Panzer Cop (2001), DML Panzer Cop (2002), DML Panzer Cop light up eyes ver (2002), DML Panzer Cop battle damage ver (2002), Platz+DML Panzer Cop Wonderfestival signed ver (2010), Platz+DML Panzer Cop 20th anniversary ver (2010).


  1. Hi,
    thanks for your postings, it helped me much to choose the right figure. So I bought the dragon one as you show above. It is realy a wonderfull item. Can you help me with some put the parts together? for excample. The extra barrel, how to put this in the MG42?

    And is there any item I could put in the rear backpack on top? the place where the MG42 can be carried? It looks a little empty.


  2. hi! thanks for reading! and congratulations on your purchase!
    the extra barrel goes on top of the backpack in the movie. to swap barrels, gently pull open the lever on the side and slide the barrel out then place the new one in as in this video
    the mg42 includes strap to hang it over the shoulder.
    any more questions or if you need help uprading etc just let me know, im happy to help. j

  3. Thanks for the help! The MG42 is realy a nice item in scale! I managed to assamble all the parts. I needed some glue here and there but you know ;)

    Do you know what this is, the collector added on top of the packpack:

    And maybe you can help me out with the stickers for the collar? Cause in my box was only one :(

    So far just wanna say again that it is great to have such thing as your blog, cause comparing in real is so importent. The promopics does them figures not always justice...


  4. the item on top the backpack is a wwii german mg34 spare barrel case.
    as for stickers, try contacting the store you purchased from to see if they can arrange a replacement. if not, i'll dig around and see if the labels are available to download and print. if not, i'll scan them and give you the link so you can print replacement labels.

    nice flickr photostream btw, loving that mars attacks figure too!

  5. Hi thanks again. The thing with the scan is a good Idea! I will do this myself if nothing else will work out. I will get this barrel case and may oneor two stielhandgranaten!

    So far lets keep on trucking!

  6. ok! hope you enjoy customising your figure!
    remember the barrel case is mg34 barrel not mg42 barrel, so either try to find a case for mg42 barrel, or switch to mg34 machine gun (unless you dont think it matters).
    a couple other things you may want to add are a case holster (/stock) for the mauser c96 and grenade pouches for the grenades. if you want to mod glowing eyes there are light up heads available too. basically have fun!
    and of course, keep posting pics of it!

    thanks j

  7. HI to ALL!! i am from Russia and i am new here
    today i began to collect my Panzercop series
    i got DML/Platz figure with Signature of Actor
    it is Wonderful!!!
    someone please reply to me
    i will be happy to talk about Kerberos unit and all related topics

  8. congratulations on getting the signed edition! hope you like it!
    if you are looking for an in-expensive choice for your next kerberos, i recomend the revoltech red spectacles figure. its about 4 inches tall, and you can get it for under 20 dollars sometimes if you scour online. thanks for stopping by my blog! j

  9. Hello!!
    Thank you for recommendation
    i will check it
    about my Panzer cop I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    Very Cool Figure EVER!

    MG42 looks REAL! and Face of figure are 100% Actor face

    where can i get Tokyo Wars Book??

    i wanna watch it

  10. some info on the book is here:
    and you can get it from these places and others:

    here is the custom tokyo war figure matsu@be on osw made

    hope this helps

  11. Hello!!
    yeah! i Bought in Yahoo Japan this Book!!
    now wait for arriving to me
    hope it will be Cool
    by the way
    i have chance to get Battle damaged or Standart 2002 Panzercop
    so i wwnna ask you which is more Cool??
    please tell me


  12. congratulations on the book!
    if you have to choose between 2002 normal panzer cop and battle damaged definitely get battle damaged, the normal version is very similar to the signed 2011 version you have, and the detail on the battle damage one is better. you can swap the heads on the 2011 one and the battle damaged one to make inui in battle damaged armour just like in the movie!

  13. Hello
    OK I am gonna guy Battle Damaged

    by the way how about Bodies??
    2002 release have bad body???
    or it is ok??
    and other question
    how about Wide release??
    strongly different of quality compared with Wonder Fest Edition?
    i have read your post but really i wanna hear from you more details
    so if it is not boring topic for you please let me know ok??

  14. And by the way
    i wanna buy one more Inui Head
    where can i purchase it???

    Thanks again

  15. not sure where you can get the head, but if i find one i will post it for you. j

  16. abou the wide release v the signed version: well, the shin armour on the legs of the wide release is better than on the signed figure, as the shin armour is
    harder on the wide release. the bullets fit better in the wide release than the signed version (on the ones i have) but it could just be luck on that.
    the helmet is better shape and detail on the wide release, but its not that big deal as no one really can tell. the oxygen tube is softer on the
    signed version which allows more head movement so that a benefit. the other thing is the holster on the wide release is not sticky (the signed one has sticky residue
    which attracts dust. so all in all the wide rellease is better, but only a little, its hardly noticable, so save your money for more different looking figure if you are on a budget.

    about the older battle damaged version, it comes on the older dragon body (adam i think) little less motion in the shoulders and hips but its a strong body and not bad in my opinion. it used to be industry standard in 2002, so while newer bodies are better, theres no need to replace the older body. j

  17. Hello
    OK Thank you for information and details
    i understand that the wide release are better
    and in future i will buy wide release i think

    but one in the Sighed edition are better
    it is Signature of Inui) i think it is important thing for Panzercop Fans because Panzercop Signed By Panzercop it is COOL!
    how do you think about it???

    i found in my figure box inside helmet
    Metallized sticker with 4 separated parts
    what is this??

    thanki you very much for head
    if you will get one please send it to me
    i will give my address if like that


  18. re: the silver sticker inside helmet, i was wondering why it was included and how to use it. in short: i dont really know. i just left it off my figure. simple.
    the signed figure is definitely good for collectors even if it isnt as good as the wide release.
    if i see the head loose i will let you know, but i have yet to see it for sale alone yet. time will tell. j

  19. Hello
    OK Thank you very Much!!!

    i am Glad to read your blog and glad to find people who like Panzercops same as me
    Many Thanks!

  20. about Head
    how do you think it is Expensive device??
    if you will find please tell me cost at first OK??
    because i am afraid it will costs same as completed figure)lol

  21. i dont think it will cost as much as figure, as it is dml/platz head not hot toys or enterbay, the difficult thing will be finding one...

  22. OK Thank you very Much!!
    will read your blog and learn about Panzercops more

  23. thanks for reading, and i will try to keep updating the blog. not all your coments are showing strangely, but they are going through to my email so dont worry i will get any questions etc you send. j

  24. Hello
    OK i Understand
    By the way
    i decided to buy wide release
    CANNOT STAND WITHOUT INUI!!!))) He is Cool Dude! lol

  25. yeah, inui is iconic to the series! and that mask......

  26. Yeah!!100%Agreed!
    Inui are Iconic Man of this saga
    MASK are SUPER! especially in the scene when Guys with white faces shoot him By Type86S

    and after He stand up and his eyes again become red!
    Holy S....... BEST OF THE BESTS!!
    also scene with Change Barrel of MG42...

  27. yeah..... the eyes made the movie!

  28. Agreed!!! Eyes made the Movie!


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