Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the original stray dog movie version mask kit by buildup

in case you don't know who buildup is, its the company who produced the screen used props for the stray dog: kerberos panzer cops movie.
buildup produced this helmet and mask kit for sale using the movie prop molds. it is the best quality version of the mask despite being 20 years old! leter attempts by prop builders and the infamous nightmare armour studios prop have all been of lower quality and usually inacurate. i only have the helmet myself (i havent yet scored the mask or the box due to having no money on ALL THREE occasions i had the opportunity to buy one for a reasonable price (life is cruel) but these kits do turn up still boxed every half year or so on japanese auction sites, so its not as hard to get as the alucard mask, but because of the high quality of the buildup kits these almost always command a very high price. only for the hardcore collector then! if you only want a basic cosplay mask that looks good and dont mind inacuracy then the above mentioned nightmare armour studios mask turns up often on ebay for a lower price. i have one of the N.A.S. masks and will review it later.

alucard red spectacles mask

heres a very very very hard to find kerberos collectable! the full size comic/red spectacles movie mask vacuformed kit from alucard! sold at wonder festival over 20 years ago, its an understatement to say it is hard to find. ive only ever seen 2 online, and 1 of those is now mine, though i dont dare actually build it its so rare!!!! i'll probably recast it and build the casting for display and keep the original boxed up, its too rare to do anything else!

what could have been....

heres a poster from takara showing their planned line of kerberos figures! exciting huh! except, only one of these 5 armour types was made (the central mg gunner aka koshiromaru chuichi panzer cop) the other 4 [heavy gunner(?), sniper, swat(?) and diver(?)] never did get made, which is a shame as the designs were very nice.

kerberos panzer cop 20th anniversary wonder festival version first pics!

the new dragon/platz 20th anniversary edition wonder festival version panzer cop 1/6 scale figure has shown up on auctions, giving us all a first look at the figure and packaging (the wonderfestival version has a different package than the non festival version, presumably to allow for the signature of the actor etc to be on the box (as seen in pics)
pics found on link to the auction here

Friday, 23 July 2010

kerberos mask gets lost in a stacey dash movie??

i sat through a b movie called 'chrome angels' starring stacey dash. as with most almost zero budget straight to dvd movies repurposing of existing props was abundant (a shop display mannequin stood in for a robot!) and at about 35 minutes a lab tech walks into view wearing a modified (read: bits stuck on) kerberos stray dog mask.

anyone seen these kerberos masks used elsewhere???

Thursday, 22 July 2010

upcoming 1/6 scale figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Platz Hobby and Dragon Models Ltd (DML) have figures to be released soon!
the Platz Hobby release is the kerberos panzer jager 101st battalion 'hound of steel' which is based on the WWII style armour used by germany and looks it will include removable armour, uniform, mask, helmet and additional weapons/ gear including mg34 machine gun and backpack. release expected at end of the year.
the Dragon Models Ltd figure is the 20th anniversary edition celebrating 20 years since stray dog: kerberos panzer cops was made. the figure is largely a re-release of the 2000 edition, but includes a new headsculpt based on Inui, new helmet, new better articulated body and of course new packaging. as more details arise i will update. the Dragon figure is released fall, and a special edition version with special packaging with be sold at wonder festival on july 25th and is limited to 100. the expected price is 12,600 yen, but expect general retail to be a little less.

kerberos kubricks!

ok, everyone loves kubricks, but did you know one of the earliest kubricks was a panzer cop? or that a jin roh version was also released for the movie? well, know you do!
these are quite pricey from ebay, so if you want them best bet is to buy from asia, where they can be bought for relatively low price. the firste version released was the comic version which includes mg34. the second was the jin roh movie version which includes mg42 and removable mask and helmet.

new banner

big shout out to Paladin on OSW ( who made me a new banner to replace the plain text title that was at the top of the page. thanks!

kerberos saga + lego = awesomeness!!

amazing armory ( has produced some kerberos minifigures to customise our lego collections with! the sculpting by hazel is amazing on this tiny scale, and both the police and military armour types have been reproduced perfectly!
the first is the police kerberos panzer cop in black. this design matches the takara panzer cop, while the other release is the JGSDF military armour which comes in dark green and grey variants and matches the takara JGSDF tetsurou kai armour design.
if you have the cash definitely seek these out, the sculpting on these tiny pieces is truly art and worth the asking price!
looking through the flicker photos there is also the kerberos light gear armour (comic version) coming soon, so keep your eyes on their page for updates!
these sets can be purchased from

Thursday, 15 July 2010

official kerberos saga site and official shop

heres the official kerberos saga site and its online shop. its in japanese so will need to use a translation service, but all the official announcements are made through it. do check the shop as there are many items there you might not see elsewhere.

the best wine you will never drink!

this is the official 20th anniversary kerberos saga wine. it was distributed to staff and some sold through the official shop and rakuten. i cant remember who produced it, i'll dig out the details when i get round to it, but i do believe it was a german winery. good luck finding it! i know i didnt get it (apparently importing alcohol has its limitations, damn you postal services!!!!)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Kerberos Panzer Cushion!

saw this one on taobao. its a double sided jin roh wolf brigade cushion! to make those movie viewings extra comfy! me want!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops

ah, jigoku no banken: keruberosu! the most dull movie of the kerberos saga! made in 1991 it is the second movie in the series, but is a prequel to the red spectacles (1987) it does have some nice cinematography though, and the armour props built by buildup were very well done. here is the opening sequence of the movie for your viewing pleasure.

cosplay...takara style!

if you own the takara jin jin roh figure then you have no doubt wished you could own the armour in life size scale. well, now you can! though not completely accurate, Madefuns Culture Communications Co. Ltd's full scale cosplay armour is definitely impressive! i dont have enough of the moneys to purchase one myself, but at 8000 renminbi (yuan) it is about £800 pounds, which isnt too bad considering you'll only get 5 or 6 of the 1/6 figures for that money. anyway, link and pics below!

so it begins.......

welcome to my new blog! this is where im going to post about kerberos saga, showing you some of the rarest collectables, provide the latest news, post information on all things kerberos saga related and build up the most comprehensive kerberos merchandise databse online. im a little new to blogging, so forgive my amatuer postings and off topic updates! feel free to comment on any of my postings, and dont hesitate to contact me for anything. thanks!