Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Platz Hobby 1/6 Kerberos Panzer Jager articulated figure

So, what can we expect from the upcoming Platz Hobby 101st battalion Panzer Jager??
Here’s the facts and rumours I have gathered so far on this new protect gear figure:
1: It is based on the German WWII version protect gear, which was featured in the Kerberos Panzer Jager radio drama’s and depicted in the Kerberos Panzer Cops: Tokyo War book.
2: the figure will feature removable armour parts, consisting of feet, shin/knee, upper leg, hip, groin, belly, chest, back, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, wrist, hand, face and head armour plates, as well as a backpack. The helmet looks like it’s the older m35 as opposed to the m42 used on the Panzer Cops.
3: The figure will include an MG34. Whether or not it will be a new sculpt remains to be seen, though some prototype images show metal bullets included. There is no word yet on whether a sidearm will be included, but expect any possible sidearm to be a P38 or similar as the Mauser ‘broomhandle’ C96 was rarely used by German forces in WWII. If a Mauser C96 was to be included, it would need to be the 9mm variant which includes a red “9” on the grip. The only other likely possible weapon for this figure would be the STG44/MP44
4: This figure is apparently designed by 末弥純 (Jun Suemi) and I am told it is sculpted by 竹谷隆之 (Takayuki Takeya) though I have to confirm this (updates to follow as I get info on that).
5: The figure will likely be based on the Neo 3 body by Dragon. Since Platz and DML are more or less the same company (different brand for Japan market it seems) the figure will be released using the best current body DML has to offer (the Neo 3) just as the recent 20th anniversary Panzer Cops were. There is not yet any indication that a new body will be developed (I hope they do develop a new body though, as the Neo 3 is behind what the competition are currently offering).
6: The figure will be either black or metallic bronze (or both!). The colour is (as of last communication with the producer) still undecided. The prototypes shown so far were in dirty bronze and gloss black, so there is the small possibility of multiple releases (which makes sense given the huge investment in top artists, sculptors and the years of development work that has gone into the figure) so don’t be surprised if there end up 2 versions in the end to make up for the investment costs.
7: This figure will cost a lot. Really. Given the 2-3 years (so far) of development and the large amount of sculpting/refining/etc, and the fact the figure includes many plastic/metal sculpted parts, and given that it will likely be a limited high end release for collectors (not to mention the license fees) expect this figure to be $150-$200 USD. The Panzer Cop by Platz was listed on their site for 13,440 yen ($162 USD) despite being mostly a re-release (almost no newly sculpted parts), but it retailed for $90 USD average in the end, so expect it to be cheaper than the initial announced price by the time dealers pick it up, but don’t expect it to be as cheap as the Panzer Cop though.
I will update as more info/images are made available.
Images from: oscf.net, moeyo.com, platz-hobby.com and Kaz’s blog (via OSW)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Un-official DML/Platz light up head upgrade

Those of you who own the new Platz/DML Panzer Cop know that the eye lenses on the mask are transparent (like the older light up eyes version) but the head has no light up function. Well, if you lack the skills/time/patience/tools etc to make one yourself, taobao.com seller 小揪揪 who sells the Takara style upgrade head I posted about previously has a new product, the light up eyes head sized specifically for the Platz/DML figure.
The pictures below are from the auction page, and links to both head auctions are here and here .

As usual, review will follow when i get my hands on one (probably next time I'm in Asia)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Collections call: your photo's wanted!

I'm interested to see everyone's Kerberos collections, big or small, and will post them here to showcase our collective love for Kerberos Saga figures/kits/etc. Please message me or leave a link to your collection photo in the comments section below with your display name and I will post them here for all to enjoy!

To get the ball rolling, here's my Panzer Cop crowd (imitating the classic shot in Stray Dog)!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy new year!

happy new to all my readers!
may this new year bring prosperity and many new kerberos collectables!!!

my new year resolution is to really make this blog better, so more posts will follow soon.

enjoy your celebrations!

happy 2011 and 新年快乐!!!!!!!!!