Friday, 3 December 2010

Upgrade your Panzer Cops!

A Taobao seller is selling light up eye heads made to fit Takara Panzer Cop figures. If you want the glowing eyes look then check it out.

The heads require a little work to attach (with supplied screw) but the lights work nice and bright. If putting on Midori or the male Panzer Cop, you will need to remove the red plastic lenses on the mask and dremmel out the plastic behind. The Tetsurou Kai GSDF figure mask does not need any modding, nor does the the mask on the new Platz figure, so if you have either of these figures then its just a case of attaching the new head and sticking the mask back on.

Please note, you will need a Taobao account or friend with a Taobao account to bid or buy on the site.

I bought one of these heads when they were cast in white plastic, but looking at the black colour head makes me want to get another....

As usual, if buying on an auction site please carefully check the sellers feedback before committing to buy.

Here's the link