Friday, 19 August 2011

New boxed pictures of HK recast of the Buildup Kerberos kit

I've previously only seen the grey plastic recast kit (re-casted from the Buildup Stray Dog 1/6 soft vinyl kit)packaged in plastic baggies (as previously posted here)but it appears the Hong Kong recasters actually re-created the box from the original kit (minus the company brand name and info).
This kit was spotted on E-bay member mountbatten5 's listings. He didn't know the origin of this kit but saw it was very cool looking had purchased it at an IPMS model show in Houston, Texas in the late 1990's. As i have previously pointed out, these grey plastic recasts are actually quite nice (and not under-scaled shrunken copies like the white hard vinyl kit usually sold on Ebay from Thailand.
The pictures below have the original Buildup kit on the left and the recast on the right.

Thanks to mountbatten5 for letting me use the images and for the info. He has a 1/6 Nitto 25122 9800 SF3D Super Armored Fighting Suit that he will be selling at some point among other things so check his items out, the link to his listings is here.


  1. Hello!!
    Great kit i guess!!
    how is it in the making?? hard to build?

  2. i have not yet built it as i am waiting to get another identical one (one to build, one to keep in original condition) so it will stay unbuilt for now, but it is an easy build design, with partial articulation in the shoulders and elbows and neck when built.


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