Thursday, 22 July 2010

kerberos kubricks!

ok, everyone loves kubricks, but did you know one of the earliest kubricks was a panzer cop? or that a jin roh version was also released for the movie? well, know you do!
these are quite pricey from ebay, so if you want them best bet is to buy from asia, where they can be bought for relatively low price. the firste version released was the comic version which includes mg34. the second was the jin roh movie version which includes mg42 and removable mask and helmet.


  1. Actually I don't like the Kubrick's. I don't get it.

    But those little Kerbs look kinda cool.

  2. you will give in to the kubrick craze! you will give give innn!!!!

    im not a huge fan of the vinyl doll/brick figures myself actually, but i make exceptions for kerberos kubricks and those chinese vinyl bears that are cheap reallly cheap and make great conversation pieces. i just need to find a kerberos bear!


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