Thursday, 22 July 2010

upcoming 1/6 scale figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Platz Hobby and Dragon Models Ltd (DML) have figures to be released soon!
the Platz Hobby release is the kerberos panzer jager 101st battalion 'hound of steel' which is based on the WWII style armour used by germany and looks it will include removable armour, uniform, mask, helmet and additional weapons/ gear including mg34 machine gun and backpack. release expected at end of the year.
the Dragon Models Ltd figure is the 20th anniversary edition celebrating 20 years since stray dog: kerberos panzer cops was made. the figure is largely a re-release of the 2000 edition, but includes a new headsculpt based on Inui, new helmet, new better articulated body and of course new packaging. as more details arise i will update. the Dragon figure is released fall, and a special edition version with special packaging with be sold at wonder festival on july 25th and is limited to 100. the expected price is 12,600 yen, but expect general retail to be a little less.

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