Tuesday, 13 July 2010

so it begins.......

welcome to my new blog! this is where im going to post about kerberos saga, showing you some of the rarest collectables, provide the latest news, post information on all things kerberos saga related and build up the most comprehensive kerberos merchandise databse online. im a little new to blogging, so forgive my amatuer postings and off topic updates! feel free to comment on any of my postings, and dont hesitate to contact me for anything. thanks!


  1. Hello, i'm a newbie in this 1/6 figure world. Your blog is Amazing...it really help me getting the information about this Kerberos Saga. Well Done mate ^^

  2. thanks! glad you like the blog! theres still alot to do though on this blog, including more 1/6 updates, so do keep watching!
    welcome to 1/6 and kerberos saga! contact me if you need any questions answered! j


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