Thursday, 22 July 2010

kerberos saga + lego = awesomeness!!

amazing armory ( has produced some kerberos minifigures to customise our lego collections with! the sculpting by hazel is amazing on this tiny scale, and both the police and military armour types have been reproduced perfectly!
the first is the police kerberos panzer cop in black. this design matches the takara panzer cop, while the other release is the JGSDF military armour which comes in dark green and grey variants and matches the takara JGSDF tetsurou kai armour design.
if you have the cash definitely seek these out, the sculpting on these tiny pieces is truly art and worth the asking price!
looking through the flicker photos there is also the kerberos light gear armour (comic version) coming soon, so keep your eyes on their page for updates!
these sets can be purchased from

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