Friday, 23 July 2010

kerberos mask gets lost in a stacey dash movie??

i sat through a b movie called 'chrome angels' starring stacey dash. as with most almost zero budget straight to dvd movies repurposing of existing props was abundant (a shop display mannequin stood in for a robot!) and at about 35 minutes a lab tech walks into view wearing a modified (read: bits stuck on) kerberos stray dog mask.

anyone seen these kerberos masks used elsewhere???


  1. haha - nice find.

    Kinda looks like the design they used in the Final Fantasy flick.

  2. i liked the final fantasy mask. it was really good, though the body armour didnt look as good....
    the b-movie reuse of props makes me laugh sometimes, like the katee sackhoff movie where they used stormtrooper armour and kroenen (from helboy) masks! i love low budget films!


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