Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the original stray dog movie version mask kit by buildup

in case you don't know who buildup is, its the company who produced the screen used props for the stray dog: kerberos panzer cops movie.
buildup produced this helmet and mask kit for sale using the movie prop molds. it is the best quality version of the mask despite being 20 years old! leter attempts by prop builders and the infamous nightmare armour studios prop have all been of lower quality and usually inacurate. i only have the helmet myself (i havent yet scored the mask or the box due to having no money on ALL THREE occasions i had the opportunity to buy one for a reasonable price (life is cruel) but these kits do turn up still boxed every half year or so on japanese auction sites, so its not as hard to get as the alucard mask, but because of the high quality of the buildup kits these almost always command a very high price. only for the hardcore collector then! if you only want a basic cosplay mask that looks good and dont mind inacuracy then the above mentioned nightmare armour studios mask turns up often on ebay for a lower price. i have one of the N.A.S. masks and will review it later.

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