Tuesday, 3 August 2010

1/6 scale Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops model kit by Buildup

This is one of the only model kits to come with both a removable helmet and mask, and features Inui's face underneath. comes with MG42 machine gun. the sculpting is accurate to the 1991 movie, with the armour parts exactly as they looked in the movie, so good is the sculpt i might say it is better than Dragon Models Ltd's sculpt, particularly the chestplate proportions and mask sculpt.
This kit is notable as it seems that it is Kaiyodo's original sculpt, but Buildup (the company that produced the actual movie armour props) released there own branded version (obviously under license), the difference between the two being that Kaiyodo's old release is white vinyl while Buildup's kit is black vinyl. obviously packaging differs too.
The Buildup kit is fairly hard to find, more so than most other kits, but its not too much of a problem as low quality recasts of this model kit show up all the time on Ebay.
The kit is nicely detailed, and when built is partially aticulated in the shoulders, elbows and neck. The MG42 is metal, whilst the rest of the kit is soft vinyl. The head on this model is the tiniest bit undersized, though it isnt noticable until you stand it next to more modern figures such as the DML Panzer Cop.
The Buildup version was listed once on Ebay, but due to high buy-it-now price it didnt sell and was removed (didnt help that there were economic difficulties at the time) so the going price price in the western markets isnt clear as it wasnt sold and the seller didnt reduce the price to sell it. when new info on price comes up i will update, but on japanese auction sites it goes between 5,000 yen and 14,000 yen.
As always, try to get the best deal if you do decide to get the kit (i snagged mine in an auction for 6,000 yen), and bear in mind the rarity before deciding to build these kits.

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