Tuesday, 3 August 2010

toho shoji jin roh bust

heres one more of the items i have yet to own (there are a few items i have yet to get). the toho shoji jin roh bust is a very nice display piece indeed! these turn on up on japanese auction sites every now and then, so arent too hard to come by, and dont cost too much either (about 5,000 yen being the average) so do get one if you see one, just beware the condition: most on sale are pre-owned and often dust and scratches are an issue so keep an eye on closely examining the items before buying. also check that all the screws on the nameplate are present and original (these arent always sequrely put in so often screws are missing). the other thing to take note of is the condition of the box, since the front facing silver words tend to get scraped if mishandled. don't let this deter you though, the bust is certainly a very nicely and accurately sculpted piece, and definitely worth owning especially as it doesnt command a premium price. a full photoshoot and review will follow as soon i get this one into my collection.
the picture is from an online auction.

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