Saturday, 7 August 2010

medicom 1/6 action figures #3: Jin Roh movie version !

Next up is the popular Jin Roh figure from Medicom distributed in 1999/2000, this figure makes great use of the Kaiyodo armour parts sculpted by Takuma Katsuo.
The figure has limited articulation, one gun holding hand, two clenched fists, an MG42, and interchangable heads. The Kazuki Fuze head is the only newly sculpted piece (the only 1990's Medicom Kerberos figure to actually include something not previously sculpted) and does indeed look like the character from the anime. The figure also doesn't suffer from the shortness many other Medicom figures demonstrate, and is far more colourful, with brown uniform, painted red eys and brown painted areas (where the 'leather' sculpt areas are).
This figure is usually listed on sites such as Ebay for about 200 dollars, but can be had cheaply from Yahoo Japan.
All the first three Medicom figures re-use existing parts (armour/weapons/heads/helmets/hands: kaiyodo/buildup, bodies: Takara combat joes) but only this figure features new tooling: Kazuki Fuse's head. The cloth clothing is the only cosistant new item on all the figures.
My advice? Get this if you see it, it is the only Jin Roh specific 1/6 figure, and isn't bad at all, in fact, its quite well made (an updated version could improve the articulation, but theres no sign of any such update).

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