Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kaiyodo 1/6 Kerberos Panzer Cop (comic version) model kit

Heres another kit from about 1991. The comic version Panzer Cop!
Sculpted by Katsuo Taguma, the kit includes a c96 pistol that goes into the wrist shield, alternative right hand and MG34 machine gun.
This kit is very nicely detailed, cast in black vinyl and the finnished model can stand just fine on a shelf.
Between this kit, the Medicom comic figure, and the Takara figures, this one is the most accurate to the comic design, due to Takara redesigning theirs and Medicom not including parts of the armour for the upper arms.
These seldom appear on Ebay, but expect to pay about 100-150 dollars if they do.
The cheapest option I found is Yahoo Japan auctions where they can be won for between 5,000 Yen and 8,000 Yen average. shop around, they arent too hard to find.

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