Sunday, 1 August 2010

CHL chuangle product creation ltd: jin roh

hi! ever heared of CHL??? thought not. here's a couple of items from their website showing their production samples for potential clients. the first is their '人狼' (jin roh aka man wolf) which is a resculpt of the tohoshoji/ bandai visual statue, and is the same scale (1/12). the sculptors reposed the arms and added the human face. the price is listed as 188 yuan (about $25 USD) so not bad as price goes, but i will have to wait till i'm in china to purchase a sample (for overseas they sell by the pallet, being a business to business company).
the next item appears to be a completely original sculpt of a (mostly) accurate jin roh design. there are a couple innacuracies (shoulder plates, gun, shield, tube on chest) but its close enough. the stone effect is very nice and i am quite keen to get hold of one next time im in china (again, ordering overseas is a pain in the a**)but i expect it is also fairly cheap, so i might get a couple while there.
anyway, full reviews will follow as soon as i have my dirty mitts on these curious statues!
enjoy the pics from the website for your reference. my own pics will come when i acquire the items.

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