Monday, 9 August 2010

Platz/ Dragon 1/6 'Stray Dog' 20th anniversary edition wide release figure pricing details!

Try saying that title 5 times! The new Platz re-release of the Dragon Models Ltd Panzer Cop is nearly here! I know the Wonderfestival edition is already out, but only 100 people got to enjoy that, the rest of us will need to wait till September 25th to buy the wide release version. The RRP is 13,440 yen, but online pre-orders so far are as little as 9,400 yen, so expect to pay about 10,000-11,000 yen average once it is out, but I'm sure those of you planning to buy this figure will shop for the best deals.
Anyway, heres a pic from an online auction to whet your appetite's and the two pre-order links i found so far:
Preorder 1
Preorder 2

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