Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Jin Roh: 1/6 scale soft vinyl kit by Kaiyodo

The most popular of Kaiyodo's kits, of the most popular version of the Protect Gear from the most popular Kerberos movie: Jin Roh: the Wolf Brigade!!!
This kit was expertly sculpted by Katsuo Taguma, and is as accurate as you can get to the anime in real world proportions. cast in black soft vinyl, the kit includes alternative right and left hands and MG42 machine gun.
When built, the shoulders and head are partially articulated, and the forearms can swivel. The holstered mauser c96 is not removable, and the MG42 is made from vinyl with metal parts.
This kit seldom shows up on Ebay, and usually fetches over 100 dollars, but often turns up on Yahoo Japan boxed and for reasonable prices (between 6,000 yen and 12,000 yen average) so best try Japan auctions before resorting to Ebay.

reportedly these were produced in limited quantity of 500, but i am still trying to confirm this, so don't take it as gospel yet! it was released roughly the year 2000, much newer than the other kits.

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