Monday, 9 August 2010

Dragon Models Ltd figure #2 'Stray Dog' light up eyes version!

This figure is mostly identical to the internationaal version, but instead of a human head, it includes a blank 'dummy' head which has light up eyes. These lights are switched off and on via a swith on the back of the head, while the mask has transparent eye lenses to allow the light to shine through.
This, like the other two DML Panzer Cops released at the same time, has the basic 'Adam' body, so loose hips may be an issue. All three Panzer Cops include the same MG42 which is nicely detailed with moving parts and removable barrel.
The light up eyes version was the Japan release, and so is a little harder to find outside Japan than the normal international version. This, plus the fact that light up eyes are more popular makes this a litle more pricey, usually about $150-300 dollars on EvilBAY, but can be had for about $90 dollars average on Yahoo Japan auctions. As always, search for the best bargain!

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