Monday, 9 August 2010

Dragon Models Ltd figure #1 'Stray Dog' international version!

Now for Dragon Models Ltd.
They released three versions of the Stray Dog movie armor in 2002 in conjunction with Yamato. Normal (international), light up eyes (Japan) and battle damaged (Japan Toys R Us exclusive).
These figures have mostly soft plastic/ vinyl armour but metal helmets and bullet belts. Some of the armour parts are hard plastic (knee pads, wrist gauntlet and wrist shield. These were the best value Kerberos figures with the normal version selling for about 60 dollars in 2002, though you will be lucky to get one for under 150 dollars today.
The armour is completely removable, and the figure has a detailed MG42+ metal bullets, small Walther PPK pistol+ removable clip, and Mauser c96 pistol+ clip & toploading bullet clip.
The normal version has an asian head sculpt under the mask (DML used the sculpt on another figure, an HK police if I remember correctly) and it is quite well sculpted and painted, but doesnt match any specific character, which is odd since the numbering on the helmet and backpack (01) signifies it as Koichi Todome's armour, worn by Koichi at the beginning of the movie and worn by Inui at the end of the movie also.
Things to watch out for? Be careful standing the figure up as some DML figures have loose hips and since this is a top heavy figure due to the metal helmet, it may topple without a stand. Also, the breathing tube is quite stiff but is simple to fix (cut and attach tube ends to long spring and re-attach to mask and backpack) while the backpack gun holding clips are quite loose (again, not too hard to fix) but do keep an eye on these areas.
All in all though, the detailing and sculpting is great, with clean smooth surfaces and precise details such as the vents on the mask or the Kerberos symbol on the shield.

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