Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Another uber rare model kit: Kaiyodo 1/6 scale 'Red Spectacles' Panzer Cop

So, how rare is it??? I only ever saw one boxed (it's mine now) and one loose (which went for way more than my budget on Japanese Yahoo auctions). Never seen it in the west, and the only one available online now is a built and painted model for 52,000 yen!
It's so rare in fact, that when I first saw pictures of the loose kit, and sent them to a Japanese Kerberos fanatic, he had no clue what it was, but luckily after asking dosens of of Japanese toy collectors finally one recognised it as the Kaiyodo 1/6 Red Spectacleskit. Not sure how old the kit is, but I'm told it's over 20 years old, and pre-dates the other Kaiyodo Kerberos kits.
Sculpted by Katsuo Taguma, this is very much as accurate as a sculpt can get (comparrisson to the newer Medicom figure and the Revoltech figure show just how well the sculpt holds up today) and the kit includes an MG34 machine gun and Mauser c96 pistol both cast in resin. The kit body itself is solid cast resin, so quite a bit more weighty than other Kaiyodo Panzer Cops. The box looks almost identical to the Kaiyodo Red Spectacles 1/15 scale kit (brown box with white and blue label on the front, no image of the kit just the name and scale).
Your chances of owning this kit are slim, unless you can browse the Tokyo stores such as Mandarake, where it may just turn up. Otherwise, Yahoo Japan auctions are the only other way you might just find one. good luck!

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