Tuesday, 3 August 2010

the uber rare 1/6 Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops kit by Kaiyodo!

This kit is about 20 years old now, and is very hard to get (I saw it boxed for sale only once, and it is now mine!)
This kit is the official release from Kaiyodo, the Buildup kit reviewed earlier being cast from the same sculpt molds, so both kits are pretty much identical, so I won't write an overlong review of the sculpt and features (read the previous review of the Buildup kit for those details) but the key differences between both kits are that this Kaiyodo kit's MG42 is cast in resin (the Buildup one is metal) the vinyl in this kit is white (the Buildup kit is black) and of course this kit comes in an attractive small white box with colour image on the front (the Buildup kit comes in a larger brown box with non colour image).

I got this kit online in an auction for 8,500 yen, but this was just lucky as the auction ended at an inconvenient time (when most Japanese bidders were sleeping) so I got it without a huge bid war, but the only other time I saw this kit on auction was incomplete and without box, and that time it went for over 16,000 yen, so I imagine my one (had it been listed at more sociable hours) would have gone for well beyond my budget. Get this kit if you see it, and if you get it boxed for under 16,000 yen I will honour you with a congratulations post on my page!

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