Saturday, 7 August 2010

medicom 1/6 action figures #1: stray dog movie version

Now on to medicom! The first three Medicom figures used the armour sculpts from the Kaiyodo/Buildup kits, with Takara 'combat joe' base bodies.
The Stray Dog movie version is grey in colour, and has limited articulation in the hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, forarms and neck. It is the only medicom figure to come with removable helmet and mask (thanks to the original kit design) and also includes an MG42, and a spring that goes from the mask to the backpack as a breathing tube.
The armour (as on all the Medicom Kerberos figures) is not designed to be removable.
these figures show up occasionally on Ebay for about 150-250 dollars usually. Because of the lack of articulation etc I recommend only paying up to 100 dollars though, as the quality doesnt stand up as an action figure (the kaiyodo kit was not intended for action figure conversion), if you want a figure of this armour, the Dragon Models Ltd versions (normal, battle damage, light up eyes) are all far better, and theres also the upcoming Dragon/Platz re-release improved version out this year, which promises to even better. Or, if you want a model kit (statue), buy one of the many Stray Dog based ones (Kaiyodo, Buildup, Independence Productions etc).

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