Saturday, 7 August 2010

medicom 1/6 action figures #2: comic version !

Say 'howdy ho!' to the 'comic version' Medicom figure, a mix of Medicom clothes, Takara 'combat joe' body, the armour, head, helmet, weapons and bits from the Kaiyodo kit and you have the magic recipe for Medicom's underwelming figure release!
Anyone who owns this figure will tell you, it is pretty crappy. You can make your own using the same recipe and end up with a far superior figure!
The 'comic version' armour is actually incomplete. It does not include the upper arm protectors and tubes that the Kaiyodo kit on which it is based does include. It does have a removable helmet (that is loosly stuck on), an MG34 rifle, and a c96 pistol that can be put into the wrist shield. The backpack does not clip on, so it is up to the owner to find a way to attach it. The included bullet belt must also be trimmed and painted, as do the eye lenses, which is crappy since the figure is pricey enough, customers shouldn't have to finnish the figure.
The armour (as on all three of the early Medicom Kerberos figures) is not designed to be removable.
Things to watch out for? Mis-shapen armour. The way the shoulder pads are put together and glued, they become deformed, while the packaging's twisty ties over the years cause permanent deforming of the wrist shield which is a pain in the a** to fix! Articulation is limited to neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and forarms (which have a habit of falling off). Oh, and the hands can't hold anything (they are fists), which is strange as the Kaiyodo kit it is based on had an alternative right 'gun-grip' hand.
So, why bother with this poor excuse of a figure?? Because it is the only comic specific Panzer Cop 12 inch figure available. This by the way is also the worst Panzer Cop figure so far, everything else is muuuuuuuuuuch better. My advice is don't bother with this or the Medicom Stray Dog version, but if you are a crazy completist like me, then these figures show up occasionally on EvilBAY for about $150-$250 U.S. dollars usually. Because of the lack of articulation, no paint etc I recommend only paying up to $100 dollars though. I personally only paid 20 bucks each for mine (after the first which I stupidly wasted $120 on! I refuse to pay over $40 for any more!).

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