Monday, 9 August 2010

Dragon Models Ltd figure #3 'Stray Dog' battle damage version

The international version was available accross Asia and the west. The light up eyes version was exclusive to Japan. This, the battle damaged version, was exclusive to Japan Toys R Us stores. Naturally, then, this version is usually the toughest to get, though thanks to the digital age getting this outside japan isnt too hard, so long as you are willing to part with lots of money! On the EvilBAY, the average list price for this today is about $200 USD, though before the global recession these were being listed for far more, so as far as western market goes, nows a good time to buy. Of course, from Asia is much cheaper. Instore in HK I saw this figure for roughly $160 USD, and online Yahoo Japan auctions have them up every now and then for about $100-$120 USD average, but occasionally a loose one turns up for as little as $50 USD. Basically, shop around.
This figure is identical in the way of uniform and accessories, but the armour has gone through a serious resculpt to add battle damage in the way of bullet holes and gashes, while paint aps have been added to make it look worn and dusty. Even the helmet number is scratched up to add to the look. This is all very nicely done, and helps to recreate the movie scene where Inui gets shot up very well!
This is certainly very unique, ansd the only Kerberos figure so far to come 'dirtied up', so definitely get it if you see it, in my opinion it is the best of the 3 Dragon Models 2002 Panzer Cops, and worth it even at $150 in my opinion.

Expect more of these to be listed for sale once the Platz/DML re-release figures hit stores, since collectors will sell of their older figures for funds to buy the newer releases.

Oh, and if you own all 3 versions of the DML Panzer Cop, why not bash them together to make the ultimate verion? Light up eyes body and mask, battle damaged armour and displayed in front of the international versions box! try it!

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