Saturday, 7 August 2010

Medicom 1/6 action figures #4 Red Spectacles version!

Next is the Medicom 'Red Spectacles' figure from 2007. Unlike the other Kerberos figures from the past few years this figures helmet and mask are not removable. The chest device is indeed a calculator (Casio HS-8), a result of low budget sci fi movie production.
This figure comes with 5 interchangable hands, an MG34 machine gun with only one moving part (the ammo feed part) a c96 pistol, long and short bullet belts, removable backpack and figure stand. The short bullet belt attaches to the chest and to the backpack while the long bullet belt fits into the MG34, while The c96 slips into the wrist shield.
This figure is actually very accurate to the movie, down to the chest display with Koichi's name. This is Medicoms only Kerberos figure to feature newly sculpted armour and parts, and actually it looks very good.
Many collectors complained that the Medicom figure was not as good as Takara's, but despite the cons (soft vinyl armour, lack of neck articulation, floppy joints, non removable helmet/mask and non functional [read: no moving bits] weapons) there are many pros (new and highly accurate sculpt, exact movie likeness, great paint-job, great box art, great range of motion in the arms and legs, a display stand and generally a lower price than the Takara figures), so I say its still a great figure to own, especially if you are a fan of the movie.

Something to watch out for: the hips tend to be loose so the figure may fall over without the support of the stand, while the ankle attatchments for the feet dont hold very securely.
This is still available on the internet for between $100-$160 dollars (US$) average. I don't recommend paying more than $170 dollars. I have seen this listed for as much as $300 dollars, which is far more than it is worth, but the worst was London Forbidden Planet, where it was £250 (about $400 USD)! Though, its been so long that if they do have it still, it may be reduced by now.

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