Sunday, 1 August 2010

unknown brand 1/12 kerberos models

ever seen these 1/12 models?? apart from being sold at wonder festival over a decade ago i know nothing more of thesei cant read japanese, and online translating programs dont a good job of clarifying things (i believe the producers name is on the web-page, but online translators produce a load of gibberish) so im still looking for info on these (if anyone has info and/or the actual models please contact me).
apart from being 1/12 scale theres littl more that i can say apart from the designs these are based on. the one holding the machine gun in both hands is the 'stray dog: kerberos panzer cops' (jigoku no banken: keruberosu) movie version, while the other is the kerberos panzer cops comic version.
heres the webpage i found with them on: kerberos panzer cops

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